Song 2 / Coffee & TV, Blur, The Best of Blur, 2000

12 08 2010

I got my head checked
By a jumbo jet
It wasn’t easy
But nothing is
When I feel heavy-metal
And I’m pins and I’m needles
Well, I lie and I’m easy
All the time but I am never sure
Why I need you
Pleased to meet you
I got my head down
When I was young
It’s not my problem
It’s not my problem
[repeat chorus]
Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah
Oh yeah

Do you feel like a chain-store
Practically flored
One of many zeros
Kicked around bored
Your ears are full, but you’re empty
Holding out your heart
To people who never really
Care how you are
So give me coffee and tv
I’ve seen so much, i’m going blind
And i’m brain-dead virtually
Is hard enough for me
Take me away from this big bad world
And agree to marry me
So we can start over again.
Do you go to the country
It isn’t very far
There’s people there who’ll hurt you
‘cos of who you are
Your ears are full of their language
There’s wisdom there you’re sure
‘till the words start swirling/slurring
And you can’t find the door
Chorus (x2)

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